Get a First Taste of the Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack

Hotline Miami 2 is going to have an amazing soundtrack.  This is a known fact, and the physical three-vinyl disc release looks absolutely beautiful, but what’s it actually going to sound like?  Other than a teaser or two there’s been nothing released yet.  Or at least there hadn’t been until now, with Jasper Byrne (developer of Lone Survivor) making the first two of his four tracks available for streaming.  It’s eight minutes of ambient techno that’s sure to get you in the mood for mask-wearing homicide in the neon-cool buildings of Miami, with more to follow soon.  Decade Dance and Voyager are available now, with Miami (2015 Mix) and the intriguingly-named Kill Streak following on January 2.

Go take a listen and start getting in the mood now, because Hotline Miami 2 is, like its prequel, going to sound every bit as good as it plays.