Newest Tales of Zestiria Screenshots Show Off Weird DLC Costumes

The Tales series is a long line of RPGs that has consistently put out quality games for the better part of two decades. The next game in the franchise, Tales of Zestiria, looks to continue that tradition of quality and we have seen numerous trailers and screenshots showing off promising peaks at the game’s story, characters, and gameplay. “But quality, epic RPGs are a dime a dozen!” you say, “Tell me, is there any chance I could have a quality, epic experience and also play as a guy wearing a duck floaty?”

Wow, that is an oddly specific request. And yet, Tales of Zestiria has you covered.

The Tales series has had fun (and weird) DLC for a while now, and the latest batch of Tales of Zestiria screenshots shows off a bunch of the various downloadable outfits. In addition to the beachwear, we see the characters in costumes from both previous Tales titles and the anime series Blue Exorcist.

You can see all of the costumes in the gallery below. Tales of Zestiria will have a Japanese release on January 22 and hit Western audiences at an as of yet unspecified later date. There is no word yet on the price on the DLC.