Walmart Practically Begging You to Buy Escape Dead Island

When you walk in to a store to buy a video game, you’ve probably already checked out reviews online. If it’s scored low, that doesn’t mean it’ll be bad game to all who play which is why some might buy it anyway. That’s not the case with Escape Dead Island

The latest installment to the franchise suffered tremendously. It had poor gameplay and a messy plot which resulted in unanimous low scores. Deep Silver dropped the ball on this one and want to make it up to those who haven’t had to suffer through this nightmare.

At Walmart, buying a copy of the game for Xbox 360 or PS3 will get you a digital download code for the GOTY edition of the original Dead Island. In addition to that, you’ll get three of its DLC add ons. Even so, they might be a little too pushy with the GOTY label, a little extra oomph to get people interested.

You could consider this a deal since Dead Island has much higher ratings, but you’re getting two games for the price of one because Walmart knows nobody will buy Escape Dead Island by itself. It’s an excellent idea on their part to move its otherwise dying merchandise. But, Walmart doesn’t even care. They can’t even spell their own advertisements correctly. That’s right, you can get the “orginal” Dead Island plus DLC.

If you plan on buying it, you may have to make this purchase in an actual store rather than online, but good luck avoiding all those judgmental eyes as you carry the game to the register. Maybe you should cover it with a My Little Pony blanket to hide your shame.