Rosalina & Luma Amiibo Available for Pre-order Later This Month

Since its launch on November 21, 2014, Nintendo’s amiibo figures have become a smash-hit with collectors. Limited releases have made some figures harder to find than others, but one that has eluded even the most dedicated fans is the Target exclusive Rosalina & Luma, seen below. Other retailer-exclusive amiibo like Shulk, Lucario, and Meta Knight have been available for pre-order for weeks now, but Target has curiously omitted itself from the proceedings. Many collectors were beginning to think they may never get their hands on one, but today Target has reassured everyone by confirming that pre-orders for Rosalina & Luma will be available later this month.

With this, amiibo addicts can rest a little easier knowing their window of opportunity is still on the horizon. That, or maybe work from home all month refreshing Target’s product page every two minutes. Whatever floats your boat.