Awesome Games Done Quick Starts Speedrunning For Cancer Tomorrow

The fine folks over at Games Done Quick and Speed Demos Archive put together a couple of amazing speedrunning events each year. Not only do we get the chance to watch some talented people play through a myriad of games, the events raise a lot of money for charity in the process. This year’s winter extravaganza, Awesome Games Done Quick, starts tomorrow and will run all the way through January 10.

The fun starts at 11:00 AM CST with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and concludes at 11:oo PM CST with a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time playthrough. The full schedule can be found here, and includes a wide variety of games over the course of the week. Some speedruns will have special challenges or completion percentages (like completing certain dungeons blindfolded) and unique prizes will be awarded to donors during specific games.

The best part is the whole thing will be streamed live at Games Done Quick. Donations this year will be going towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Be sure to check in some time next week and helpĀ a good cause.