Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to Launch the Esports Focused Ranked Play

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s Ranked Play mode will be released on January 9th of this year according to the developer Sledgehammer’s blog.  The mode will have players competing against each other in order to rank up through each division.

The game mode will feature specific rules to make Advanced Warfare more balanced for competitive play.  The matches will be in the game’s 4v4 modes, such as Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, CTF, and Uplink, each mode with their own tweaked rules.

There are six divisions to work through,  with the top division being broken down between “masters,” those players who have earned enough division points to rank up six times, and “grand masters,” which will feature the top 100 players in the category. Advancing through divisions requires 100 division points, which are earned through wins, and lost through defeats.

For more about the specifics of the different modes available for ranked play, check the image below.