Drift Stage Gets Demo In Anticipation of Pending Kickstarter

Drift Stage has been kicking around for a while, first with a great-looking garish neon trailer and then blowing through Greenlight in two days.  It’s still a ways off at the moment, but as of today there’s a demo to power-drift through in a single track time trial.  It’s a fantasy version of how early 90s racing games looked and sounded, but unless you played on Sega’s model 2 board it’s probably best not to remember too clearly how 3D games actually looked back then.

Drift Stage is a racer about, obviously, drifting.  Let go of the gas, tap the brakes, pound the gas again, slide around corners while carefully adjusting the car’s angle to avoid the walls.  The demo is a single stage time trial, although you get to race both your best time and the next skill level’s ghost so there’s a fun evening’s play-time in there already.  The pause screen even lets you go into picture mode, setting the angle for stylish screenshots (use F9 to save) to let the world know just how cool a racer you really are.  I can’t say I’m particularly fond of the way the car snaps back into a straight line after coming out of a drift, but this is still an early alpha demo we’re talking about, and there’s a lot of changes coming.

The demo arrives a little ahead of the Kickstarter launching next week, which just seems like a good idea all around.  Drift Stage has been getting some well-deserved attention thanks to its over the top 90s styling and classic arcade racing, and with Kickstarter not being quite the money-maker it used to be every little bit helps.  Head on over to itch.io and check out the tiny 88MB demo (Win/Mac/Linux), and feel the power riffs elevate gloriously garish low-poly drifting into an art form.