Mortal Kombat X Info Leaks, Kung Lao Detailed

Scans of a cover story of Mortal Kombat X for UK magazine GamesMaster were uploaded to the Internet last night, complete with the reveal of Kung Lao and a host of other details.

Kung Lao is confirmed for the new game with many of his moves detailed, such as Buzz Saw and Tempest, each catering to a different play style. He still features his iconic hat and ninja outfit, but with some modernized touches and a glowing dragon on his chest.

The online mode was also given some spotlight, including an interesting 3v3 mode where each player is matched against another player on the other team and all fights take place separately but simultaneously; results are compared afterwards. There will also be factions online to choose from that will allow players to contribute to a weekly goal for their respective factions.

Other details for the game are also revealed, such as a confirmation that it will run at 60 frames-per-second on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and there will be a new dashing mechanic similar to other fighting games. A few more details about Cassie Cage, Johnny Cage’s daughter, were listed, such as her penchant for punching people in the groin, like her father. Test Your Luck mode is confirmed to return with leaderboards, and the classic arcade ladder now features stat tracking and a scoring system.