No New Mario Game in 2015

In a recent interview, Nintendo of America’s director of product marketing Bill Trinen stated that there are no plans for a new main series Mario game in 2015. When asked about the criticism often aimed at Nintendo about rehashing IP, Trinen said:

We don’t always put out a new version of an existing series on an annual basis, there’s always a big gap. You see that with Super Smash Bros., which has been seven years since it last came out. With Pikmin 3, you saw a big gap as well. Mario games release more frequently but we don’t have a new Mario game this year so it’s not an annual event.

Nintendo’s own Shigeru Miyamoto recently hinted at a break for the plumber on Wii U, but Trinen’s words seem to suggest the Japanese company will be taking its time releasing the next entry in the storied franchise. Fans desperate for more Mario action can rest easy, however, as Mario Maker is still due for release in 2015.