Halo 5 Beta Update Gives Players A Whole Bunch Of New Stuff

The Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta has been moving along nicely for a while now. While we have some concerns about it not feeling like a “true” Halo experience any longer, there is no denying that what 343 Industries has put together so far is genuinely enjoyable. Things are about to get even better as 343 Industries recently announced some new features that would be hitting the beta.

The biggest addition is the inclusion of Breakout, a brand new game mode that relies heavily on survival. Everyone on a team only has one life, and the first team to take five rounds wins the match. Additionally, the newest update adds two new maps and a new weapon in the form of the Hydra MLRS. A screenshot of one of the two new maps (both remixes of previously released maps) can be found below.