Here’s How to Defend in FIFA 15, You Selfish Ball-Hogs

Everybody has that one friend. You know, the professional athlete who prefers to score at an unbelievable clip at the expense of any semblance of defensive effort. As great as eating Frosted Flakes daily with 2013 James Harden was, I’m glad he took time off from eating breakfast cereal with lowly old me to play some actual defense in an NBA game. If you’re not lucky enough to go on breakfast dates with professional athletes (note: I’ve never gone on a breakfast date with a professional athlete), you probably still have that one friend who plays sports games without playing a lick of defense.

Fear not, poor defenders and friends of poor defenders, as EA Sports has released a tutorial demonstrating exactly how to play defense correctly inĀ FIFA 15. There’s literally no excuse for your matador-style play now that this video is available.