The Depths of Tolagal is the Latest Roguelike on Steam

Back in October last year The Depths of Tolagal appeared on Steam Greenlight. It drew attention thanks to being more rogue styled than so many modern “roguelike-likes” turn out.

The Depths of Tolagal was finally Greenlit on December 30 before ultimately being given a release date of January 5. Now that the game is finally out here’s what players can expect: procedurally generated levels, weapons with unique abilities, and the option to enable or disable permadeath. Of course, most roguelike fans will ignore the ability to turn it off.

You can purchase The Depths of Tolagal for $9.99 via Steam. If you already purchased it via Humble Store, IndieGameStand, or Groupees Build a Greenlight Bundle 13 then there’s a Steam key waiting for you via the associated website.