Wii U Game ‘Underground’ Coming to European eShop this Week, Plans for North America Soon

There’s a new puzzle game developed by Dutch team Grendel Games coming soon. Underground takes place in, you guessed it, the underground. You play as Sari and her robotic pal Sw4nk as they must help guide fellow robots to the level’s exit. You control two mechanical arms to break rocks, thaw ice, or build stairs and bridges to rescue each of the robots in peril. As you may have guessed, the overall goal is to finish each level with all the robots safely in your possession.

The original plan for Underground was for it to come out on the Wii and use two attachable devices to perform actions. Instead of using standard controls, the Wii-mote would be placed inside a laparoscopic-type device to move the mechanical arms around. That idea was scrapped, but the device is still in use to train surgeons on training precision skills, go figure. Now, Underground makes use of the dual joysticks on the Wii U Gamepad to control the arms.

Underground has received two awards from the Dutch Game Awards in 2013, one for Best Serious Game and a second for Best Applied Game Design. With awards already won and everyone working on fine-tuning the game for the last couple of years, Underground is hoping to dig in and make its mark. The game will be released on the European Nintendo eShop January 8 with future plans to hit North America. Until then, watch a preview of the game below.