Blacklight Dev Zombie Studios Shuts Down, Builder Box Rises from Ashes

Yet another long-lived game studio has closed its doors. Zombie Studios, the original creators of the Spec Ops series, announced today with a Douglas Adams reference that they will be shutting down after over 20 years in the industry. This isn’t exactly the most surprising news given the studio’s recent output – the oft-maligned Daylight, two mediocre SAW tie-ins, and Blackwater, a reprehensible on-rails advertisement for the world’s sketchiest Private Military Contractor – but regardless of game quality, it’s always a shame to see developers lose their jobs. With luck, these industry veterans won’t have too much trouble securing jobs at other Washington-based companies like Valve, Microsoft, or Undead Labs.

Still, this news could be a lot worse. The studio does have one successful game out right now; the free-to-play shooter Blacklight: Retribution has accrued a large fan base with its tight gameplay and gorgeous presentation, and thankfully support for it won’t be stopping any time soon. Most of the Blacklight team has formed a new studio called Builder Box Games, and they plan to continue working with publisher Perfect World Entertainment to put out more frequent updates and intriguing new content. In most cases a studio closure would be cause for panic, but it seems like Blacklight fans actually have a lot to look forward to now.