SpongeBob HeroPants Has All of Your SpongeBob Needs

Who says the PlayStation Vita can’t get any big name games?

Sony announced that a new SpongeBob game, titled┬áSpongeBob HeroPants, would be coming to the Vita in February. It’s unclear what this bizarre title is going to have in the way of gameplay (though platforming is said to be heavily involved), but we do know a number of important things as of today. Patrick is going to have a six-pack. A talking dolphin is going to grant the team super powers (perhaps I should have started with that). The quasi-claymation Vita game is going to have all of the humor that SpongeBob fans expect, as evidenced by the hilarity of its announcement trailer:

SpongeBob Heropants will also be coming to 3DS, and it has a tentative release date set for February 3.