Ukiyo no Roushi and Shishi Get an Extended Trailer

We reported about Ukiyo no Roshi and Shishi by Spike Chunsoft a couple of months ago, these stylistic looking samurai action games look to be a reboot of their Way of the Samurai series. It was announced with a minute long trailer, but now we get to see more of these games in an extended trailer posted on the Japanese PlayStation channel.

This four minute long footage showcases the characters, locations, combat and the customization options. Ukiyo no Roushi and Ukiyo no Shishi is set to release for the PS3 and Vita and will be different games. The PS3 version will be launching on 29 January, 2015 while the Vita version will come out on 11 February, 2015. Both games are set for Japan only at this point.

Check out the latest trailer below: