What We’re Hoping from Game Freak’s Next Title

The studio behind Pokémon has got something in the works. There are no indications of what exactly it could be, but with their track record, it’s sure to be something great. Here’s what we’re hoping it could be.



New Pokémon

Of course, with their most well-known series being Pokémon, everyone expects a new game to be in the works. Pokémon Z could be a possibility since Zygarde is supposedly involved with the legendary storyline of Pokémon X and alongside Xerneas and Yveltal. On the other hand, there have been a few references to XY found in ORAS, so perhaps a game with a storyline tying the two together would be suitable. An entirely new generation is a little unreasonable since they just came out with Gen V the other year, but they could make a hell of a splash by announcing one. Pokkén Tournament is already slated for a 2015 release, so it’s possible the next game could play off of that.

drill dozerA Few Sequels

Game Freak has worked on a variety of games in the past starring popular characters. It was a Yoshi puzzle game they created that actually gave them enough funding to work on Pokémon, and a new version could make for a fitting tribute. Mario & Wario is a Super Famicom puzzle platformer that most of us know from an Easter Egg at the beginning of RedBlue – its zany gameplay is well-suited to the 3DS, and stereoscopic graphics would give it a nice, modern feel. The first Drill Dozer received great reviews and was a cult hit among game boy owners. Jill even appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an assist trophy, so a leap from handheld to home console isn’t out of the question.



Smart Ball for the SNES (known as Jelly Boy in Japan) would make for a fairly simple remake as a side-scrolling platformer -unless they decide to go 3D. Smart Ball was supposed to have a sequel, but the license belongs to Sony – a Nintendo-helmed Jelly Boy remake could still happen. Pulseman’s eponymous hero travels via computers and televisions to stop cyber terrorism – in today’s world he’s just the hero we would need. Game Freak has stated they want to see more purchases of Pulseman from the Virtual Console so they can gauge fan interest. Interestingly, Pulseman is set in 2015, which would make it the perfect game to pass the time until the release of Jaws 19.


Original Titles

While it’s absolutely unpredictable to guess a brand new title, Game Freak has been busy with new ones the last couple of years. The studio developed HarmoKnight, a rhythm-based platformer for the 3DS. They also self-published a horse racing and card game hybrid called Solitiba for mobile devices and the 3DS. Game Freak’s original work has always been out there, so if they bring out something new in the coming year, it’s sure to be crazy and fun.