Japanese Versions of Artdink Games Released on Steam

Artdink, the developer best known for the A-Train series, have developed a massive amount of games since the 80s. However, most of their titles have remained in Japan save for a few classics such as Aquanaut’s Holiday and No One Can Stop Mr. Domino.

Today, publisher Degica made an almost unprecedented move by releasing a host of Artdink games on Steam in their original Japanese language since most were never localized. These games include: A-Train 8 for $24.99, Atlas Legend Pack for $18.24, 栄冠は君に レジェンドパック / Eikan wa Kimi ni Legend Pack for $26.24Lunatic Dawn: Passage of the Book for $10.71, Lunatic Dawn Legend Pack for $26.24.

Each of these titles is discounted from now until January 15. Also, if you just want A-Train 8 it was previously released in English but includes less trains due to licensing restrictions.