XSEED Teases 2015 With New Image On Facebook

It seems posting images to bring in the new year is the new trend for video game companies. First we had Vanillaware doing Vanillaware kind of things, and now XSEED has taken this opportunity to tease all their releases for the upcoming year. XSEED posted the following image to their Facebook page, detailing their releases from last year and hiding some of their upcoming titles behind mysterious silhouettes.


Some of these titles they weren’t being so sneaky about, giving us various screens that show off characters. The second row, from left to right, includes Brandish: The Dark Revenant, Corpse Party (PC), Story of Seasons, and Trials in the Sky: Second Chapter. The final row is apparently teasing up to eight new titles, meaning this looks to be a great year for XSEED fans. Unfortunately, without any sort of identifiable features their identities will remain a mystery until sometime in the future…

Haha, totally kidding, this is the Internet so of course a lot of this was solved almost immediately. A group of sleuths over at NeoGAF immediately took to decoding the mysterious images and so far have already uncovered a good chunk of the titles.

neogaf image

So far, the three uncovered images are from Kinki no Magna (Lord of Magna for the US), Onechanbara Z With NoNoNo, and Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim. The last title has been available for the PS2 and PSP for a while now, but this is most likely their PC release. On top of this, some clever individuals found that if you inverted the pixalated images, you could kind of make out some vague features that might actually hint at other games.

neogaf invertWe will keep you updated as NeoGAF figures out more of XSEED upcoming titles, or you can keep following the thread here as they might have already uncovered more in the time it took to post this. Regardless of what the additional titles are, XSEED fans look to have a very busy and very exciting year ahead of them.