New Live Action The Order: 1886 Stinger Shows Practical Blackwater Use

Though hype for The Order 1886 isn’t as high as it could be (most who’ve played the demo say that the shooting feels stiff and awkward), there’s still something intriguing about Sony and Ready At Dawn’s Steampunk lycanthrope-hunting adventure. The universe in which it’s set has a certain enigmatic appeal, and the latest trailer for the game plays to that. Presented as a report from the fictional BCO news, the trailer shows footage of a man who drinks a vial of liquid after being hit by a speeding car and walks away like nothing happened – the same as the blackwater vials that appear in game. This is followed by a rapidfire montage of in-game cinematics demonstrating the healing properties of the substance in-action. Perhaps the most interesting implication of these trailers is that the events of the game are bleeding into present day – perhaps showing the route that future sequels might take.