Things That Are So Not Fetch: Mean Girls Game Comes To iOS

As a grown man, I have no problem admitting that Mean Girls was an excellent film and not just because it starred Lindsey Lohan before her brain melted and she started looking like the after picture of an anti-drug ad campaign. The ten year anniversary of the movie passed a little while ago, which gave everyone an excuse to shout their favorite quote incorrectly to anyone who would listen. And, of course, every savvy company knows that the best way to release some merchandise for a film is ten years after its release and as shoddily as possible.

With that dream in mind, developer So Much Drama jumped at the opportunity and will soon be putting out Mean Girls: The Game for iOS to the excitement of absolutely no one. So Much Drama, a game company apparently named by the CEO’s abrasive teenage daughter, has quite the established history of excellent mobile games like Fireflies! and RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dragopolis. Yes, this is the same company that brought you Dragopolis. Try to hold in your excitement, everyone.

The game itself will be a tower defense game, obviously inspired by the iconic scene in the movie where people move slowly through a hallway and Regina George pelts them with spitballs. There will be power-ups, different characters to choose from, and visuals that are one step above gouging out your eyes. So, basically, it is like every other tower defense game released in the past decade. The game will be coming out sometime early this year, but don’t buy it. In fact, just add its own page to the Burn Book.

Mean Girls: The Game – Once made out with a hotdog