The Pinball Arcade Adds Starship Troopers -Update- Next Month, The Addams Family

It’s been a bit over a month since Earthshaker and that means it’s time for a new table to be added to The Pinball Arcade.  This month’s offering is Starship Troopers, Sega’s pinball adaptation of Paul Verhoeven’s classic movie about taking the title from a Robert Heinlein book and slapping it on an unrelated script already in production.  Starship Troopers is a fun table with several multiball modes, designed to get the action moving fast.  Notable features include a moving bug target, although seeing as it goes forward and back up an enclosed lane its movement doesn’t effect the difficulty of hitting it, and a brain-bug popup target.  Honestly, it’s not exactly a classic table, but Starship Troopers is still a good bit of fun.  It’s currently available on PC, iOS, Ouya, and Android, with the console versions to be added sooner or later.

-Update-  An hour or so after this went up, The Pinball Arcade newsletter went out with an announcement of their next Table.  At long last, in February, The Addams Family will finally get its digital re-creation.