Dying Light Uses Ridiculous PewDiePie Quote On In-Store Marketing

Let’s Plays are blowing up. We here at Hardcore Gamer aren’t to hip with all that self-indulgent video business, but if there’s one thing South Park has taught us, it’s that PewDiePie is the single most influential person to today’s youth. As such, we shouldn’t exactly be surprised that his name is beginning to be used for marketing, but boy does it hit us right in the gut to actually see it.

Indeed, Dying Light displays have been sent out to stores that feature a quote from only PewDiePie. Check it out:

While the fact that YouTube Let’s Players (even of PewDiePie’s caliber) are being quoted on printed, official marketing material is aggravating enough, it’s the quote itself that makes us bow our heads in shame. It doesn’t seem to be done tongue-in-cheek: WB seems to be using a quote that’s not even grammatically correct to push their latest game. It’s as if we stumbled into a Best Buy inside of Idiocracy.

But then again, in a world where random Tweets are being used in multi-million dollar ad campaigns, perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising.

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  • I wouldn’t mind dumb boxquotes on storefronts… But isn’t PewDiePie’s public mainly kids? Why are they using one of his quotes to market a mature game?

    • Rafael Monteiro

      I know a lot of older people watching his videos, maybe it’s not that small of a share

      • Yeah, the guy has a huge public of all ages, still they are kids in the most part, and the game is strictly M, so it really looks weird. It’s like picking a passing comment from Barney the Dinosaur for the boxquote of a Saw Movie.

  • mat

    A bit like that dear old granny who’d give you a Justin Bieber album for christmas.

  • paulmoloney

    Meanwhile, genuinely good journalists are leaving video gaming; who’d put up with the low wages, personal harassment and constant accusations of being corrupt?

    • I don’t think anyone ever called PewDiePie a journalist.

  • Dikan45

    Nice, yet another reason NOT to buy it!

  • T2x

    Just more proof you can be famous for nothing really. I personally don’t care about “Pewdepie” whoever the hell he is. But, the line is tremendously stupid sounding. Think of it. Think of anyone saying that. “Dude! This is soooo awesome!” Yeah- Stupid right?

  • avi


    • Neil

      I thought it, then saw the word to my thought