Borderlands 3 Confirmed by Take-Two Interactive, Current-Gen Only

Following their Q3 financial report, Take-Two has today confirmed the existence (or imminent existence) of Borderlands 3 during their earnings call. Not as it was much of a surprise, but Take-Two has also confirmed that they will be publishing the game upon release through their 2K Games subsidiary.

Borderlands 3 will officially be the fourth game in the series, following last year’s Pre-Sequel, and the fifth console game including Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands. The game will be exclusive to current-gen consoles and PC.

No release date or further details have been announced, but we’ll follow the story and report back with any updates.

  • Neil Q

    But what about the six season passes they’ll offer, and the rights to pay for a level cap increase?

    • Steven Kelley

      They’re gearbox, not EA or Ubisoft, so only one season pass.

  • Sheldon Prescott

    Is it too early to preorder?

    • CptnObvious

      It’s always too early to preorder. We don’t know If it’ll be any good, yet.

      • Petsas Karapetsas

        hahahaha noob . it will be good . its 2k / gearbox borderlands ffs

        • leatherlungslucas

          As long as it’s better than the Pre-Sequel. The play mechanics just didn’t feel like a Borderlands game. It didn’t suck as a whole, but it was just lacking something…

    • cassius


  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    better be current gen only not one of those cheap ass developers making it for last gen because they don’t wanna “abandon the oh so loyal fans” when they just want bonuses.

    • superlee

      God forbid people want bonuses….

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        this is the wrong way to do wanna make the best version of your game possible, not hinder by developing also for lesser systems. why should they care about the return investment if they ought to be confident enough in the best version of the game instead of worrying about fans left behind, as they say, and just raking in extra to sacrifice the quality of the game?

        • And the longer a developer hangs onto last-gen, the more the game will be limited. Sad how I’ve seen people spout that same bs about fan loyalty and such, ignoring that putting out a good game does more than half-assed games with last-gen ports.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            precisely what I’m getting at.

          • Daniel Jones

            *cough cough* LittleBigPlanet 3 *cough*

        • Zachary Provenzano

          I agree with you as sad as that has to be done to make a game better XD as much as it would be amazing if it could still be bigger and better ona older consel it wont because of the limited graphics card/ ram older consels have compared to the newer gens.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Exactly. newer consoles have more potential so why hold back the vision if fans believe in that vision too

          • leatherlungslucas

            It’s already been confirmed as CURRENT GEN EXCLUSIVE. No PS3 or Xbox 360…thank God…

  • Julchen Ameise

    Omg, it wil be really cool, if we can use persons: Rhys or Fiona. Hyperion hunter!

    • Athena the gladiator

      Sorry I’m sticking with Gaige, i feel everyone already fell in love with the old vault hunters and are going to stick with them

    • connor

      it would be cool especially now that episode 3 and 4 has been and Fiona has become a Vault Hunter and started using her powers (sorta) and maybe in episode 5 Rhys will become a full on Vault Hunter aswell or is Rhys takes over Hyperion then he could be the bad guy. Theres loads that could come from Tales of the Borderlands.

      Only problem is that TellTale may keep them characters for themselves for possible more adventures but who knows. 😛

      • Tia

        Don’t talk about the Telltale game. This is Borderlands, not a telltale game. GEARBOX?! WHERE ARE YOU!