Protogames Initiative Aims to Make WildStar More Accessible

WildStar’s greatest strength – namely its hardcore PVE content – is also arguably its greatest weakness. As much as the fledgling MMO has been praised for its unique combat and complex encounters, these factors also create a wall that’s very difficult for new players to overcome. Dungeons, where the game’s best content is found, are extremely difficult, and the rewards you get for completing them  are paltry unless you can manage a near-perfect run for a gold medal. With their latest update, The Protogames Initiative, Carbine hopes to remedy these problems.

The Protogames Initiative offers a new level 10 dungeon for beginners to cut their teeth on. Protogames Academy guides players through the intricacies of group content early on, allowing them to get the hang of things before delving into Stormtalon’s Lair at level 20. Players who complete it will also earn lower-level support gear for group adventuring.

Of course, Carbine doesn’t want to leave their top-level players in the lurch, so they’re also rolling out The Ultimate Protogames, a level 50 Veteran Dungeon that tasks players with fighting through randomly-ordered rooms for sweet loot. This new dungeon marks a change in how gold and silver medals are awarded – now players earn points toward medals for doing everything from clearing trash to completing optional objectives. This change ought to make dungeon runs more enjoyable and improve the quality of equipment across the board, which is good, because with the 40-man Datascape raid now scaling down for groups of 20, more players will need proper raiding gear than ever before.


Additionally, level 6 players will now have access to a new Shiphand mission – WildStar’s brand of single-player instance. These missions, which scale depending on your party size, are some of the most fun and accessible parts of WildStar’s level grind, so it’s good to see them getting more love from Carbine. Elder-game players who miss doing shiphand runs also have something to look forward to: level 50 Veteran variants for each of the missions in the game. These instances can be attempted daily, and offer loot rewards to match their increased challenge level.

And of course it wouldn’t be a WildStar update without some fun cosmetic stuff for the animal crossing players among us. The “character chop shop” finally allows players to modify their appearance outside of character creation – a feature for which fans have been clamoring for months now. To match your new look, you’ll be able to change your homestead with new terrain sets that make your housing plot look like areas in the open world. On top of that, you’ll be able to obtain new decor items to make your plot look fancier, and a brand new underground bunker house to put them in.