NCSoft 2014 Financial Results Reveal Wildstar is Tanking

NCSoft has just released their Q4 and Full Year 2014 financial results and things are not looking good for Wildstar. When the game was released in Q2 2014, it had a revenue of 28,048 Korean won. This declined in Q3 to just ₩16,007. In Q4, however, the game raked in a paltry ₩5,491. This is bad news for the highly-marketed MMO, which is now down in sales roughly 500% from the quarter it debuted.

Thankfully, NCSoft is being buoyed by Lineage 1, which accounted for half of their sales in Q4 14. Meanwhile, Guild War 2 continues to decline, now outsold by Blade and Soul.

Check out the full results below:

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