OlliOlli2 Brings Manuals, Combos, Curves and More

OlliOlli2 looks like it’s shaping up to be a pretty worthy sequel of the original, which was easily the best and most interesting skateboarding game to come along in years. The developer, roll7, talked a little bit today about what fans can expect in the sequel.

Manuals and combos were highlighted as the biggest addition to the series, likening it to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, now allowing you to link sets of tricks together by landing in a manual, which is essentially a skateboard wheelie. You’ll also see a helpful (and somewhat intimidating) display of the potential score your combo can hit if you land the trick perfectly.

Grind switches are another new mechanic, so you’ll be able to switch between two grind types if you land into your grind with perfect status, though roll7 didn’t describe the what the actual button input of switching will be like. Epic tricks will be a little like super tricks from the Tony Hawk series that require much more air-time to pull off but yield a much greater reward in return.

As well, roll7 described how the environments will change, too, now featuring curves in the ground, ramps, and rails to keep things more dynamic. Finally, a Combo Rush mode was teased, but information about that will apparently be coming later this month.

Frankly, as long as roll7 nails the soundtrack as well as it did with OlliOlli, I’ll be happy. “Fukushima” by Phon.o all day, baby.