The Addams Family is Live, Creepy, Spooky in The Pinball Arcade

After years of effort, much contract negotiation, a successful high-target Kickstarter campaign, and the required grunt-work to strip and scan a pinball table, emulate its roms, and balance the physics so the ball feels right, The Addams Family has finally completed its journey to The Pinball Arcade.  Currently it’s available on Steam, iOS, Ouya, and Android, but the consoles should follow along eventually.

Sharp-eyed players should notice a few art tweaks on the playfield, most noticeably Uncle Fester.  Unfortunately it was easier to get the rights from the notoriously tricky estate of Raul Julia than it was for Christopher Lloyd, so Fester’s had a bit of a facelift to avoid issues with the likeness rights.  Less noticeable is Puggsley, who’s actor also didn’t sign off on his likeness, but that one gets met with a giant dose of Who Cares?  The important thing is that The Addams Family is finally playable in virtual form, after 3.5 seasons of The Pinball Arcade and near-infinite impatient waiting of fans.

Also, as is usual when a new table is released, Farsight announced next month’s in an easily-solved riddle.  Coming soon is the excellent Cyclone, the carnival-themed 1998 sequel to Comet.  In a happy coincidence my local pinball place had this table running for a few months recently and I can say it will be a great addition to The Pinball Arcade’s ever-more-packed library.  Finally, for pinball fans in the cheap seats, the creepy Dracula is thrown open for unlimited play in March.  All told, it’s a good month to love pinball.