Transformers: The Movie Composer Vince DiCola to Co-Write a Track for [NUREN]

[NUREN] is one of the most exciting prospects on Kickstarter right now, although it seems like a bit of a hard sell. I can tell you that it’s like Fantasia in virtual reality, but until you try the demo it doesn’t really click how amazing that prospect is. We live in a time where laser shows and rock operas are distressingly rare, so unless you’ve seen The Protomen in concert or you got way too into TRON: Legacy like I did, you might not even have a frame of reference for how incredible a “music experience” can be.

But one person does really get it, and he’s on board to contribute to Jake Kaufman and Jessie Seely’s vision. Vince DiCola embodies the era of laser rock. His synth-heavy compositions for Rocky IV and Transformers: The Movie helped to define the soundscape of a generation, and now for the first time in his career he’ll be creating a totally original song with one of his industry proteges. Kaufman, who grew up on Transformers and listened to ‘Hearts on Fire’ from Rocky IV “so many times that his walkman gave out,” says that this collaboration is a “lifelong dream coming true.” If you’re a music lover, [NUREN] gets more enticing by the minute.