Sonic X-treme Build Now Public and Playable

Last year Sonic X-treme was unearthed, and since then a dedicated group of people have been working hard to bring the game to the public in playable form. A build of Sonic X-Treme, which showcases the level that was presented at E3 many moons ago back in 1996, has now been released and designed to run on current operating systems.

Sonic X-treme was going to be SEGA Saturn’s killer app, but unfortunately got cancelled after a nightmare development process caused by inter-company politics. One could write an entire book on the history of Sonic X-treme, but what matters now is that it can finally be played.

Assembler Games has been involved with unearthing and releasing many cancelled projects over the years, and this is easily their biggest output yet. Head on over to Sonic Retro now where you can get instructions on how to play Sonic X-treme. It’s probably still better than Sonic Boom.