Sony Still Working on Driveclub: PS+ Edition

Sony remains committed to releasing Driveclub: PS+ Edition, refuting statements made by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan. Ryan recently declined to comment on whether the PS+ Edition would ever see a release, raising concern among those still waiting.

“We are continually working on improving the server capacity to enable us to launch the PS Plus Edition as quickly as possible,” a Sony spokesperson told Eurogamer

“Although currently we do not have an update regarding the timing for the launch.”

Driveclub: PS+ Edition was announced over two years ago at the Sony PS4 reveal event, and was continually hyped by Sony for the launch of the PS4. That didn’t happen since the game was delayed into 2014. the full game did launch October 2014, but the game was extremely broken and the PS+ Edition had to be pulled until the game can be fixed. Today, Driveclub does work, and Sony has released paid DLC for free. However, we’re still waiting on that PS+ Edition. Hopefully, we’ll get an announcement soon.