Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove Comes to Kickstarter

The original Toejam & Earl was an early Genesis favorite, while its sequel brought panic to Funkatron with a focus on platforming instead of exploration. The Dreamcast was set to get the third entry, but that was cancelled and brought to the Xbox, while the DC version lives on through a prototype that was released a little over one year ago. Greg Johnson, one of the co-creators has taken to Kickstarter to craft the game that he’s always wanted to make. The game will use 2D sprites and polygonal environments. Online multiplayer is set to be included with up to four players.

All of the original game’s presents and enemies will be included along with new ones, and they’ve crafted a variety of pitch videos. One features a pitch with footage of the game in motion so you can see some proof of the concept. Another is a silly “meeting” with a variety of game designers, including Gabe Newell. Finally, there’s an animated short created by James FarrĀ  with the title characters rapping their story. The song is honestly one of the catchiest I’ve heard in a game-related thing in a while, and has a great beat to it.

Pledge-wise, $5 gets you a thank you in the credits while $15 gets you that and the game itself. $25 gets you all of that plus a physical keychain and a poster, while $40 gets you all of that and a TJ&E mug. There are a wide variety of pledge options beyond that with $100 getting you a hoodie and t-shirt, and $200 including a variety of collectible vinyl figures. The goal is to raise $400,000 by March 27 and they’re already $14,000 closer to it. Anyone who grew up loving the first TJ&E game, or has enjoyed it later, should consider backing this as it’s set to follow up on the original’s formula while giving it some modern flourishes.