Zen Pinball Adds New Original Tables With Iron & Steel Pack

Zen Pinball has been focusing on Marvel and Star Wars for the last three years, and while that’s great for the attention it’s always nice to work on something original.  The new Iron & Steel Pack may not have the brand recognition of the two heavyweights Zen has been working with (plus South Park, Walking Dead, and a few others) but it’s still pinball and that’s the important thing.  The first table is a western-themed one called Wild West Rampage starring a lady gunslinger out to bring justice to the lawless frontier, while the second is based on Zen Studios’ medieval CastleStorm.  The launch comes complete with a trailer showing off the various features of the two unique tables, including a collapsing train trestle and fire breathing dragon.  That’s not a bad set of table toys to smack a small steel ball into.