Free-to-Play Model Announced for Fable Legends

Fable Legends will be free-to-play to all Xbox One and Windows 10 users, and will be based off the following model:

  • Open – Fable Legends will be completely open for all who play from beginning-to-end. You don’t have to spend any money to access anything in the game, ever.
  • Fair – Everything in the game is earned through playing the game, avoiding the pay-to-win controversy.
  • Generous – Their final goal is to be generous and accessible to the community. The game will be constantly updated to create a happy community.

Fable Legend’s in-game currency will be Silver and that will be used to purchase items and make your character stronger. There will also be the opportunity to purchase Gold, which will be used to purchase many of the items available for the in-game currency.

Characters or Heroes will operate on a rotating free schedule of four at a time. Any progress gained while a hero is free will be saved once the rotation changes. Whenever they become free again you can pick up where you left off. If you enjoyed the character you will be able to purchase them with either Silver or Gold and they’re yours forever. It’s similar to the structure of League of Legends where you can purchase a character with Influence Points, free in-game currency, or Riot Points, purchased currency. Most everything can be bought with either currency except for select outfits that will only be available for purchase with Gold.

When it comes to being a Villain you’ll be able to use your currency to gain the allegiance of whatever creature you want and use them in quest. Also available will be traps. Traps are used to either trap or destroy Heroes. All of which can also be purchased with either currency.

While there isn’t a release date for Fable Legends it will be releasing on Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. You can sign up for the Multiplayer Beta here.