Get Ready for PAX East With the Jotun Teaser

PAX East is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready for one of next week’s two big events.  Jotun will be on the show floor in Boston with the first playable demo of their hand-animated giant-slaying adventure Jotun, and in preparation they’ve released a little teaser video showing Thora facing off against a frost giant.  Thora isn’t exactly small but all the muscle in the world doesn’t do much good when she only comes up to the bottom part of the frost giant’s ankle.  The video shows her swinging her two-handed axe at the giant’s feet to bring his head down to her level, where it looks like she’ll be able to do some real damage aside rather than an unpleasant toe-ectomy.  There’s a lot more to Jotun than huge boss fights, of course, but we won’t be seeing those until next week when PAX East kicks off.  In the meantime, take a look at the excellently animated 2D characters squaring off against each other in the frozen wastelands of purgatory.