Mortal Kombat X Requires PS+ and Xbox Live Gold for Online Play

You will need PS+ on PS4 and Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One and Xbox 360 to play Mortal Kombat X online when the game launches on April 14.

Confusion sprang up on Twitter when producer Shaun Himmerick gave them impression that neither service would be required to take the fight online. Turns out that this was just a communication error he made while trying to answer a different question. What he was really answering was that there would be no exclusive content for either platform.

PS+ and Xbox Live Gold requirement really isn’t that surprising, as all games require subscriptions to these services. Sony does allow Free-to-Play games on PS4 to bypass the PS+ requirement, but Mortal Kombat X is not a Free-to-Play game. Microsoft doesn’t allow any games to bypass Xbox Live Gold. If you really don’t want to subscribe to either service, both the PS3 and PC versions will allow you to play online without the need of one or the other.