Megaton Rainfall Has the Best Trailer

A good trailer is almost its own work of art.  If the message is off then all the pretty pictures in the world can fall flat, but when the signal is clear then it can not only tell you what it wants you to know but also do it in an unforgettable way.  Megaton Rainfall falls into the latter category, and does it by pouring on so much disaster porn that even Earth Defense Force must be thinking it’s a bit over the top.  The aliens don’t much care for the human detritus cluttering up the earth and are cleaning it off  wholesale, but a single superhero of overwhelming power can save not just this world but other planets as well.  You’re playing a first-person indestructible superhero fighting on a cosmic scale, after all, so why defend just a full-sized Earth’s cities when an epic space adventure calls?  The speed of light isn’t a concern when you can cross the planet in seconds and the galaxy in under a minute.

Megaton Rainfall is being displayed for the first time in the Indie Megabooth at the Game Developers Conference right now, which would be awesome if it wasn’t for my event this week being PAX East, where it won’t be shown because game developers are averse to being killed by sheer exhaustion.  The one-man development studio is displaying amazing work for the three years Megaton Rainfall has been in development, and I can’t wait to give the game more coverage as details become available.