SUPERHOT Alpha Gameplay Looks Super Hot


The original SUPERHOT game jam prototype was one of the most interesting and exciting variations on the otherwise pretty stale first-person shooter genre to happen in a long time, and judging by the gameplay video below, the fully realized game will probably be just as exciting.

If you’re unfamiliar, the concept behind SUPERHOT is that the world moves when you move and stops when you stop. If an enemy fires bullets at you, you can stand and watch them, frozen in air, and plan out your next move for as long as you’d like. It makes one enemy trivial, of course, but the challenge, as evidenced by the video below, is keeping track of everything while the game pits you against odds that would probably be unfair in a standard shooter.

The video shows off the game’s Endless Mode, throwing an infinite number of enemies at you and tallying the body count until you mess up and die yourself. Other than giving you an easy primer on the game’s basic concept, the video also shows off some interesting features of the game, like being able to pick up and throw most objects in the environment, leading to cool scenarios like tossing your own gun at an enemy, then picking up his dropped gun and blasting him with it.

SUPERHOT is set to launch June 2015 for PC.