SUPERHOT Alpha Gameplay Video Shows Off Story Mode

SUPERHOT has got to be the most exciting first-person shooter announced in years, and it just got another new video from its early Alpha build, this time showing off the game’s story mode. If you want to avoid all spoilers for the game completely, it’s best not to watch the video or read any further.

The video shows off the game’s fantastic concept — time moves only when you move — to create interesting levels that almost play out more like puzzles than twitch shooter levels. As for the story, it appears you’ll play as a person jacking into the game’s levels as a simulation after having received them from someone else who claims to have received them “from a friend” but refuses to elaborate more than that. Between levels, the two people discuss with enthusiasm what happened in the separate levels they each played.

It’s mysterious, and we’ll have to wait until SUPERHOT releases in June on the PC, but in the meantime check out the gameplay footage from the game’s Endless mode or play the original game jam prototype yourself.

And, as always: SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT.