Elite: Dangerous to be Timed Xbox Exclusive

According to Frontier Developments founder David Braben, PC space simulator Elite: Dangerous will arrive first on Xbox One with PlayStation 4 and Mac versions expected at later dates.

Although initial reports suggested the game would only find its way to consoles through Microsoft, Braben took to Twitter to say that it will eventually make it to many different platforms. We reached out to the developer for clarification on exactly how long the timed exclusive might last but have yet to receive a response.

Elite: Dangerous launched on PC in December as the fourth release in the long-running ‘Elite’ series. As with previous titles, players start with a basic spaceship and a small amount of money and must build their fame and fortune through trading, bounty hunting, piracy and more. It also features VR support, something that’s sure to excite the Project Morpheus hopefuls.