GDC 2015: How Asteroids: Outpost Plans to Redefine a Classic

When one thinks of Asteroids, they picture a tiny little spaceship against a black screen with rocks floating all over the place. If you think of all that when you hear the name Asteroids: Outpost, however, you’re dead wrong. Asteroids: Outpost is going to redefine the classic game.

Now a sandbox MMO game, Asteroids: Outpost was a challenge to take the geometric shooter and turn it into something completely brand new. With a new formula, this rebooting is more about building your colony and protecting it from other players. You’ll face-off against others in the depths of space. It’s a rocks to riches story where you must scavenge, search and survive.


Atop distant asteroids, you’re mining for precious resources. Meanwhile, enemy forces and stray asteroids can disrupt your work at any moment. You can go after opponents but if you leave the comforts of your base you’ll run out of oxygen. And entering enemy territory won’t help. Managing oxygen and energy is essential. Then, there’s the treat of incoming asteroids. Keeping in touch with the classic arcade game, shooting down incoming asteroids is back. Luckily, turret guns make it easier and destroying them will earn you ore. The better shot you take, the more valuable chunks of ore you’ll receive.

There are different things to do depending on what kind of player you are. You can craft using different materials and the ore you mine to construct a base. Some folks might just want to watch the world burn as they pull an all out assault on enemy bases. There’s also room for resource management if you enjoy greedy monopolies. With the variety of roles, there’s a lot you can try out. If you’re into the economics of games, you could trade with other players for certain materials.


It’s a good idea to form alliances; linking bases with each other will increase the size of your colonies. Gameplay can continue even if you’re not online and your base can come under attack without you knowing it. This makes forming alliances a better idea. By connecting bases and playing with others, your headquarters can become a force to be reckoned with.

The teams at Atari and Salty Games have been dedicated to refreshing the name for current generations. Now, those youngsters get to realize how important a game it was for the industry but with some added flare. Asteroids: Outpost will appeal to old-school enthusiasts and sandbox gamers as well as MMO fans.