Bloodborne Online Details

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has released some info to further explain how online multiplayer will work in Bloodborne. The following information was translated by Gematsu.

First, PlayStation plus is required for co-op and pvp, but not for downloading updates or creating a Chalice Dungeon. There will be an update on release day pertaining to online optimizations, enhanced game performance/usability and a few other things.

Like its spiritual predecessors you can leave messages throughout the the game as tips. When someone dies there will be a grave and touching it will work like touching a bloodstain; it’ll show a replay as to how they died. You’ll also still be able to see phantoms of other players running around periodically.

Bloodborne will allow three players to co-op together. The summoner will use an item called “Hunter Calling Bell” and those being summoned will use “Resonant Bell” to join. You can play in the summoners world until you beat the boss of the area, you die or the summoner dies. If you want to voluntarily leave you can use the item “Separating Shot.” While matchmaking is done automatically there will also be passwords to ensure that the right players get grouped together. They can be up to eight characters and will only be used for co-op.

PVP is similar to its predecessors as well. You can still be invaded in specific areas of the game. In order to invade you’ll use an item called “Ominious Resonant Bell.” The host can only be invaded after the appearance of the Bell Chiming Women. Sometimes she’s just in an area, other times she appears after the host has started a co-op session or used an “Ominous Resonant Bell” as well. The only ways an invader can return is by killing the host, being killed, the host entering a boss room or the use of “Separating Shot.”

Lastly, there will be two different types of Chalice Dungeons, normal and randomly generated. Both are available offline and online, but random one dungeons will require connecting to the internet once to download the data. Your Chalice Dungeons can be made publicly available and shared online.

Bloodborne is scheduled to release on March 24 exclusively for PlayStation 4.