PS4 Suspend Mode Appears in Firmware 2.50 Beta

Sony is apparently beta testing version 2.50 of its PlayStation 4 operating system with select PlayStation MVP players, and one of the rumored features in the update has leaked: the long-awaited suspend and resume mode.

The image was posted on Twitter by “@Heleius” and was promptly taken down since. Unlike Microsoft’s preview program for upcoming firmware updates, Sony requires users agree to a nondisclosure agreement that prevents them from sharing any details on what they’re testing. The relevant text in the image is near the bottom.

The system can now enter rest mode without closing any applications. You can adjust this setting in [Power Save Settings] > [Set Functions Available in Rest Mode].

It’s a self-explanatory feature, allowing players to pause a game, put their consoles into rest mode, and have the game ready to play with no additional loading or loss of progress when they turn their system on again. It’s a feature Sony promised as a key component of the PlayStation 4 over two years ago at the console’s official announcement, and players have been asking where the feature is. If the rumor proves true, it would be a pretty big announcement for Sony, as the missing feature has been a black eye on the system since it launched without it.

A few other features are rumored as well, such as additional accessibility options, the ability to delete games from your trophy list if you don’t have trophies in that game, and 60 frames per second support for the new Share Play feature that allows players to watch or even take control of another player’s game.

Source: NeoGaf

Source: @Wario64