MMO ‘Crowfall’ Successfully Funded With Over $1 Million

ArtCraft Entertainment is made up of some industry veterans looking to change the MMO landscape. With all kinds of online games out there, it could get a bit tiresome and repetitive, but ArtCraft Entertainment will be bringing Crowfall to an audience looking for something new.

In Crowfall, the possibilities of endless campaigns are a real change of pace to the genre. Your character remains the same as the world around you is destroyed time after time. This concept allows for new quests, caves, villages and adventures to emerge. Similar to how Minecraft uses blocks for building, Crowfall uses that same feature for destructive purposes instead. It makes for more creative ways to unleash a siege on opponents, whether it’s digging tunnels from below or collapsing walls from above.

There’s far more to this game than building castles and busting them down. You can check everything out on the Kickstarter page which has now been received over one million dollars in backing, far more than they were asking. .