Among the Sleep Surpasses 100K Copies Sold

This just in: over 100K people desperate to simulate toddler in pseudo-fantasy horror experience.

Yes, Among the Sleep wasn’t terribly well received by our Features Editor, Geoff Thew, but there’s no denying its appeal on a purely superficial level. Toddlers are vulnerable, big houses are scary, talking stuffed animals are weird, and first person perspectives are de rigueur for all horrors nowadays. Conclusion: incredible game, amiright? Actual results aside, however, there was enough convincing fuel to burn through the wallets of 100K gamer’s according to a recent report by Eurogamer.

While Among the Sleep failed in parts to do its premise justice, the small team (8 folks, at present time) is clearly capable of delivering unique experiences, and with a Morpheus version on the way, there’s sure to be even greater greatness ahead. Great!