Chris Hülsbeck to Co-Write Song for [NUREN], Jake Kaufman Discography Reward Added

Incredible composers keep jumping on board Jake Kaufman’s [NUREN] project. The latest to join is Chris Hülsbeck, a veteran game composer from the Commodore 64 days best known for his work on Turrican, Amidya, and Giana Sisters (including the recent sequel Twisted Dreams). His music, like that of Vince Dicola, embodies ’80s style. He got some incredible sounds out of the C64 and Amiga, and his music has only improved on modern audio hardware. With Hülsbeck and DiCola, CSP’s revolutionary VR Rock Opera is shaping up to be one hell of a throwback.

There’s also good news for fans of Kaufman’s other work: a new 50 dollar reward tier that will grant access to a complete collection of his albums. This includes all the soundtracks on his bandcamp page, several unreleased soundtracks from other games, and old tracks from his demoscene days. Given that [NUREN] is heavily inspired by the demoscene, one could almost say that Kaufman’s career has come full circle, but these tracks show just how much he’s improved in 15 years since he started composing.