Nintendo Begins ‘Add Color To Your World’ Campaign for Splatoon

With Mario Party 10 set to release on Friday, the time has almost come for Nintendo to begin pushing its next big console release, Splatoon. It seems some stores have already begun to display the Japanese company’s campaign for the upcoming team-based ink shooter, as a picture has surfaced on NeoGAF showing the phrase “Add Color To Your World” alongside the game’s squid-girl protagonist and a poster for amiibo. The news comes only a day after an eShop listing for the game revealed it would support amiibo interaction in some capacity.

Convincing Wii U owners to take a chance on Splatoon may prove difficult for Nintendo, so it’s promising to see the Japanese company taking early steps to expose the new IP to consumers. The colorful team-based shooter is decidedly unlike anything else on Wii U, and it will be very interesting to see how the game performs when it launches this May.