NXT Arrival DLC Now Available for WWE 2K15

The WWE’s spiced up developmental show, NXT, has really become a beast of its own. To emphasize that, the latest piece of downloadable content for WWE 2K15 is titled “NXT arRIVAL” and is available for purchase now for $6.99.

This new DLC is joined by a major patch update for the PS4/Xbox One editions, with some major and minor fixes to the gameplay and overall performance (i.e. fewer weird glitches).

The NXT arRIVAL pack adds the following stars to the roster:

  • Adam Rose
  • Emma
  • The Ascension
  • John Bradshaw Layfield

This DLC is not included in the Season Pass and needs to be purchased separately. This is the last piece of DLC before the 2K Showcase for The Ultimate Warrior lands to wrap up WWE 2K15 with a bang. NXT arRIVAL pack and the latest patch update are both available now.