OUYA Consoles Back in Stock on the OUYA Store

The OUYA console has been out of stock on the official storefront for months now. It’s quite odd for an official storefront to be out of stock, or for console shortages to really be a thing now. However, after a few months of them being unavailable on Amazon or the OUYA store, you can at least get the console on the OUYA store. $100 gets you the system, an HDMI port, a controller, and a pair of batteries. Quantity is limited, you’re limited to one console per person, and some orders may not ship until March 31. In another odd move, some boxes may have a previously-opened box. It appears that they’ve got some returned stock and are re-selling them, which may indicate that they’re either slowing down or have just stopped production on the console itself.

This might be the last chance you get to buy an OUYA console and not run the risk of being burned on a bad ebay sale, so if you’ve ever wanted the system, buy it now. Otherwise, you’ll have go with a Mad Catz MOJO for an OUYA Everywhere device, and that doesn’t even have 50% of the system’s library available on it. However, $150 does get you some of its library and access to the Google Play Store after you root the device, so it’s not all bad. There is a mandatory Android home screen bar on-screen at all times though, which does appear to be a bit distracting .