Earth Defense Force 4.1 Never Stops Being Awesome

So this is getting ridiculous.  Earth Defense Force 4.1: Shadow of a New Despair just had a new gameplay trailer drop back in the tail-end of January, showing off its lovely new Depth Crawler spider-tank.  That was weeks ago, though, so it must be time for something new.  Today’s trailer is more focused on sheer bombastic gameplay, swarming with bugs, explosions, and giant monster vs robot action, backed up with a soundtrack to match.  Want to see a battlefield swarming with ants and giant robots getting death rained down on them from the sky while a militaristic tune backed by cries of EDF! EDF! shoves the action forward?  Of course you do; everyone does!

If that’s not enough, check out the sweet new ride you can get if you order the Japanese version of Earth Defense Force 4.1 from the D3 store.  You only get one per order, though, so you’re going to have to choose between looking like a badass in an ocean blue or deep pink tank decked out in hearts and anime girls.  It’s a tough choice, but nobody said pimping your ride in the insect apocalypse was going to be easy.


In the meantime, there’s still no word on a US release for the updated PS4 version of Earth Defense Force 4.  It’s a no-brainer it will be coming to the US, and the smart money says D3 Pubisher will be showing it off at E3, but right now that’s still guesswork and assumption.  The Japanese version comes out in a bit over two weeks, on April 4, so with any luck we just might manage to see this by year’s end.